2018 Inspiration My Way

If you don’t know already I work in Human Resources.

I kept writing drafts of year-end HR blogs to share with you all. So many drafts. Five to be exact.

I was attempting to inspire you on an HR level. You know the quintessential “new year, new you” or “do the business-y things to make you a better business-er” but all the drafts sounded contrived and to be completely honest…fake. That’s not how I want to inspire you.

I’m going to leave my HR platform and inspire you in another way.

About eight years ago I woke up, looked up to the mountain range above my house and said, “I’m going to climb those.” No hiking, wayfinding or mountaineering experience. No knowledge of how to stay safe. I just went.

I live differently than most. I tend to run heart first boldly in whatever direction my soul tells me to. I adventure without fear. I hike mountains; I’ve summited almost 40 of them. I travel often; Colombia in a month. I challenge myself; I’m currently training for my second triathlon. I do what I love; I’m an entrepreneur.

I’ve been lucky to embody a spirit of bravery and fearlessness. It means that I live my life with no bounds. It also means I am responsible to inspire others to push their boundaries.

I often have people say to me “I wish I could do (insert brave/bold/adventurous/entrepreneurial thing here)!”

This is when they say, “YOU CAN!”

And you can.

So HR hat off…I’m going to give you another perspective of how to make your 2018 amazing.
#1 Stop Being Afraid

No. Seriously. Stop it.

Fear is THE WORST! If you truly want to live your life you need to stop fearing what could go wrong and focus on what could go amazingly right. Sounds silly but it’s true.

Here’s an example. I just went on a trip to Alaska. I had zero plans. I bought my Airbnb because it had a chandelier in it. That’s the only reason I selected Kenai to fly into. Without going into the details I ended up in joyous tears right before I hopped onto a sled with a powerful-lady Iditarod musher then we rode through the Alaskan wilderness in Ninilchik pulled by a mighty ten huskies. I was supposed to leave Kenai the morning before I went dog mushing and if I lived in fear I would have missed the whole experience.

So never fear…in fact if you let life just happen naturally without fear it will be more delectable…more juicy. I promise.

#2 Don’t Care EVER What “They” Think
I won’t go into much detail on this because you know what I’m saying on this one.

Basically…who *bleeping* cares what people think?! If you’re doing good things and helping the world then no one’s opinion will ever matter except your own. And that leads me to number three.

#3 Be Kind to Yourself

Yeah…you! If you EVER talked to someone else like you talk to yourself you’d be appalled. I know you’re good. I know you lift others up. But what about how you talk to yourself?

Positive self talk is one of the best ways you could improve and love yourself. Ever. EVER.

No seriously. Listen how you talk to yourself. Is it nice? Would you talk to your mom, friend, husband, kid that way? I’d venture to say you’d be nicer to them then you would yourself.

#4 Don’t Listen to Me
What I mean is you know what in your heart you need to do to make your 2018 an amazing year. No one can make that list of goals except you. So above all else listen to your gut and heart, and you’ll find what you need to do to make yourself a better YOU in 2018.


I hope you find your path on how to be amazing in 2018 and fulfill your path to being the best YOU, you can be.

One more thing…if there is any way I can help you accomplish your fearless goals in 2018 please never hesitate to ask. I’m here to help!

((written in the swanky SLS Las Vegas hotel while dreaming of the year to come))

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