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Amazingly Stress-Free HR

We take a holistic view of all your human resources needs to help you create a happy, healthy workforce. You can finally breathe, knowing your HR is completely managed by a team of seasoned pros.

Calm down. We’ve got you.

HR Retainers and Projects

Do What You Do, and Let Us HR You

Since you’re great at what you do, you should spend your time doing it. We’ll handle that pesky HR stuff. 

We’re your outsourced Human Resources team. Call, email, text, or send a carrier pigeon, and we’ll answer your question and solve your problem in a...


The Right Teach for Your Specific Business

Which, What, Why, and Even How to Find and Use the Right Tech for Your Specific Business

There is a lot of HR technology out there. A lot! We’ve already done the research, along with plenty of trial and error, on all the software, platforms, and tech tools you’ve heard about — and some you haven’t! We know them, love them, hate them, and...


Get a complimentary 30-minute consultation to answer your HR questions! (We promise we’re fun to talk to.)


Prevent Harassment, Encourage Leadership

Prevent Harassment, Encourage Leadership

We’re not sure why people call it “Sexual Harassment Training,” since we’re not training employees to sexually harass each other!

We provide Sexual Harassment and Abusive Conduct PREVENTION Training for you...


Your Own Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Program

be the change HR's AAA Roadmap To DEI:

Providing a Clear Path to Inclusion

Clear Assessment

Clear Approach

Clear Action

$700 billion. That’s the cost of turnover for U.S. employers in 2021.* This includes activities a company does to replace an...


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