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HR Retainers and Projects

Do What You Do, and Let Us HR You

HR Retainers and Projects

Do What You Do, and Let Us HR You

Since you’re great at what you do, you should spend your time doing it. We’ll handle that pesky HR stuff. 

We’re your outsourced Human Resources team. Call, email, text, or send a carrier pigeon, and we’ll answer your question and solve your problem in a jiffy. Need a form? We’ll send it. A reference or a resource? We’ll get it. Want to vent about the employee who’s driving you nuts? We’re listening.

Our job is to enable you to do your job without losing sleep about HR. We take a holistic view of all your human resources needs to help you create a happy, healthy workforce. You can finally breathe, knowing your HR is managed by a team of seasoned pros.

Depending on your specific needs, we have flexible pricing plans that let you have us on call whenever and however you need us.

Monthly HR Support Plans

Unlimited On-Call HR*5 Hour
10 Hour
20 Hour
40 Hour
Dedicated HR Pro
HR On-Call (to ask your HR ?’s) 
All Client Power Half-Hour Sessions led by an HR Pro
Client Update Newsletter (Access to our learning library and form library)
Onboarding** Employee Handbook (from scratch or revision***) + HR Check Up (compliance)
Handbook Revisions as Needed
One (1) Strategic Session annually with LeiLani Quiray and the Squad
Supervisory/Non Super Harassment and Abusive Conduct Prevention Training via Zoom (it’s fun!)
Power Hours: Tailored Trainings for Supervisors and Leadership
One (1) Strategic Session per quarter with LeiLani Quiray and the Squad
HR Program Review (deep dive 200+ point assessment of  current HR function both compliance and strategy)
HR Action Plan (road map) based on HR Program Review Results
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion program and training
Basic Recruiting

* Q&A and basic forms only; maximum one point of contact

** all new client $2499 (over a $5400 value)

*** Includes up to 3 states, any additional state will be $199


Unlimited On-Call HR $799/mo

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5 Hour Retainer: $ 1549/mo 

10 Hour Retainer: $ 2774/mo

20 Hour Retainer: $ 5085/mo

40 Hour Retainer: $ 8837/mo

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All nonprofits and social impact organizations receive a 10% discount

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Ad Hoc Projects

HR Program Review

So what’s going on with your HR program? Are you 100% sure the practices, procedures, policies, platforms (that’s a lot of P’s!), and your overall culture are in line with regulatory compliance, best practices, and a healthy workforce? Really, how sure are you?

We can take a deep dive into your entire employee lifecycle and evaluate every bucket of HR, from pre-hire to post-term, and everything (we mean everything) in between. The following areas will be evaluated for potential risks and liabilities:

  • Foundation
  • Hiring & Onboarding
  • Compensation
  • Benefits
  • Performance Management
  • Safety, Security and Workers Compensation
  • Discrimination and Employee Rights
  • Employee Separations
  • Record Keeping and Documents
  • Leave Laws
  • HR Management
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Aligning HR
  • Document Review

We’ll present you with a full audit report that identifies your risks and liabilities, as well as strategies to reduce your risk. We’ll also include what you’re great at and maybe even do a little celebration dance in your honor! We STRONGLY encourage you to consider this deep dive annually. All too often, we find out about issues when it’s too late to fix them — this happens to be the very same moment that they get very expensive. We never want you to be surprised with anything.


1–49 employees: $3,049 flat fee

50–100 employees: $4,849 flat fee

100+ employees: $7,317 flat fee

Employee Handbooks

You know you need one. You also know you definitely don’t want to write one yourself. What’s supposed to go in the darn thing? Perhaps you do have one (yay!), but you aren’t quite sure if it’s up to date with everything it needs. 

Don’t fret. We’ve got you. We’ll draft one from scratch according to your specific needs, or we’ll review and revise your current handbook. As an added bonus, we’ll roll out your new handbook to your staff! It will be fun!


Custom employee handbook from scratch: $2,999* flat fee

*For employers that have employees in multiple states, there is a fee of $499 for each additional state.

Employee handbook revision: $350 per hour for revisions

We’ll review your current handbook, advise you about what needs to be fixed, and estimate how many hours it will take to revise it, so you’re not surprised when the invoice comes.


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