Asking For A Friend : Season One Recap

Asking For A Friend: Season One Recap

First and foremost, we want to thank everyone that supported us moving forward with this video series. We have Andrew Lopez from Elevated SHORTS to thank for the screenplay and if you need some creative video ideas, hit him up over at his LinkedIn page! This has been a lot of fun and hopefully, informative! 

Here are the episodes and the recap all in one place for you 😉

Episode One: Can I smoke weed at work?

Takeaways- Employers are allowed to ask their employees to be sober during operating hours. They also have the right to drug test employees and marijuana can show up on the drug test!

Episode One ½: Can I smoke weed at work? Part 2

Takeaways- Marijuana can be used to deal with your disabilities and having an open conversation with your employers. Very different from smoking during lunch breaks for fun 🙂

Episode Two: Can I work on my side hustle at work?

Takeaways: It depends on how you do it LOL. There are times where you can work on your other job, like before your shift, lunch break, and after your shift. As long as it doesn’t interfere with your main job, you totally can work on your side job

Episode Three: Can I date at work?

Takeaways- you may have to sign a Mutual Relationship Agreement to make sure you are aware of the sexual harassment policies and are being mindful of professionalism (no PDA LOL). Dating a supervisor can be an issue so make sure you are aware of that.

Episode Four: Am I being harassed at work?

Takeaways- Harassment and Discrimination is any, well, action discriminating or harassing anyone from a protected class. Talk to your HR department and report it! If HR doesn’t mobilize go to the or to

Episode Five: Can I be myself at work?

Takeaways – Totally! Be yourself, just as long as you are considerate to others 🙂 Keep the basics, brush your hair, be clean, and wear clothes!

Episode Six: Can I network while at work?

Takeaways- Networking online is a good way to have an online presence. Using a platform like LinkedIn can help your business in different ways. It can connect you to people that may be interested in your business and you can even form partnerships this way!

Episode Seven: Do I have to dress up for work?

Takeaways- Athleisure is super comfortable 🙂 You can dress up in comfy clothes as long as you are following the company dress code. One thing to avoid as a company is to assign clothes to specific genders ( This could mean trouble…)

Episode Eight: What if a coworker has bad hygiene?

Takeaways- Don’t overdo it with Drakkar Noir ??. Be sensitive to other people and give them an opportunity to talk to you. They may be going through something, certain disabilities, medications, even rough financial situations. 

Episode Nine: Do I have to go back to work onsite?

Takeaways- Some of our workers may be afraid to return for various reasons. They are our people and we should take care of them! If they are successful working from home, then it may be a good idea to keep them at home. If you need help gauging your employees’ feelings about returning to the office, email us at [email protected] we’ll send you some resources ????

Episode Ten: What should I NOT do on Zoom calls?

Takeaways – There are a lot of things to avoid on a Zoom call LOL. This one may be easier for you to watch then for us to explain ???? 


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