Can I fire my employees? – Asking For A Friend

As an employer or even a manager, there may come a time when you have to have “the talk” with one or more of your employees. No not “THAT TALK”… This is more of a “Clear your desk and good luck on your future endeavors” type of conversation.

The question you may be having is “can I fire my employees”? The simple answer is yes, you can. You can literally march up to your employee and fire them on the spot if you wanted to (we’re talking at-will employment here). However, we wouldn’t recommend that approach unless you’re testing out how great of an attorney you have. Haha, we’re kidding!

Stop and ask, how did the situation get to this point? Did you just wake up and think “Wow, I really want to fire Joe today” or was there more to this? Our suggestion would be to have a talk with your employee first and see if the situation improves. ✨

In this episode of Asking For A Friend, we answer the question, “can I fire my employees” and we share our thoughts on how to give a proper goodbye to employees.

If your business needs some of our lighthearted and fun Human Resources Support, we can help! We promise we’re professional with our clients, just a little playful is all! Contact us here

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