Do you have the experience I’m looking for?

Do you have the experience I’m looking for?

Our collective experience as consultants comes from decades of experience working with all types of orgs, including working with private, for-profit companies and non-profits, in California, Texas, New York, and throughout the nation. Generally, you will learn more about our experience through the following:

  • Discovery Convos – engaging in conversations to discover the nature of your HR problems, sharing our experience with solving similar problems, and making recommendations based on real-life situations.
  • Specialized Abilities – sharing the abilities of key personnel with specialized knowledge and experience solving a specific problem (such as starting a new DEI initiative, implementing a DEI Audit, diversity training, or compensation analysis).
  • Success Stories – sharing success stories about solving a similar issue for other clients.

During our initial conversations, you’ll become more confident in our abilities because we’ll demonstrate that we have a deep understanding of your unique HR problems and what solutions we propose will be based on experience, HR best practices, and industry standards. We’ll offer you free advice on solving a specific HR problem without any expectation of buying anything.


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