HBR 2022 Workplace Trends Part FIVE and FINAL!

#9 Chief Purpose Officer

Tag them! Do you know a person in this role?

I LOVE this idea and would love it if you could mention a CPO you know. OR if not that CPOs I’ll also accept is “Chief Pup Officer” – OMG do you think LinkedIn has official Pups here that hold positions like Mr. Mayor Max?? Tag them as well. CPOs of all types help make this world a better place!

#10 Sitting is the New Smoking

Well, we kinda already knew this. What else is the new smoking?

#11 DEI outcomes will worsen in a hybrid world without intervention

Where are my DEI experts to weigh in on this? Or our very own DE&I expert, Raul, I’d love to know your thoughts on this one. I would venture to say without the physical office presence and the inability to monitor “vibes” in the office or those problem employees (or maybe even just those unaware ones) someone’s microaggressions OR illegally discriminatory activity would be harder. This is why it is KEY to devote your org to a DEI program, to learn, to grow, to be a safe place for all people so these things do not happen.

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^^we’re pretty awesome

Source: @Harvard Business Review

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