HBR 2022 Workplace Trends Part Four!

8 – Wellness is the newest metric for business


Healthy happy employees, among many many other wonderful things, are more productive at work. Of course, I never advocate for this to be the goal…to have employees be more productive. Instead, I advocate for truly giving a sh!t about your people and their health (all-around holistic health) and doing what you can as a leader/business owner to support them being the happiest, healthiest, enjoying work-iest, person they can be.

I always say my people come first. Their lives, their needs, their health. And I have a balance to this especially in convos with them when issues arise and that is…they come first AND the business needs to run. In that simple sentence, we can find solutions to both.

And how do you measure the effectiveness of your wellness programs?
💫Survey your people (anonymously) on their engagement, their happiness, their satisfaction
💫EAP (Employee Assistance Program) usage reports
💫For Self Insured Health Insurance Programs – usage reports
💫Turnover or Retention Reports
💫Revenue per employee
💫Gross Profit % (if your COGS is your people)
💫Add your idea here

And guess what happens when you put employees and their well-being first? No, I actually want you to give your opinion! Whether you are in agreement or not. This is a safe space to discuss. Any unsafe space-ers will be deleted cuz I’m in charge here. Hahahaha!

Also, what wellness programs do you have at your workplace? Any you’re thinking of doing? Share, share, share!

And finally, we’re a wealth of knowledge here at be the change HR. If you’re interested in strategizing DM me or if you want to receive more tips like this, head to our website and sign up for our newsletter.

^^we’re pretty awesome

Source: @Harvard Business Review

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