Should I tell on a co-worker for skipping work? – Asking For A Friend

We’ve all had questions that we wanted to ask HR or management but we know that if we did, we would probably get in trouble! So here’s where we come in! We are a group of HR experts that can help you answer these questions that your “friend” may have 😉

Picture this, your co-worker calls off for the day. Then when you check your Instagram or Facebook, you see them posting a picture of them at a party! What should you do? Should you tell on them? Great question, this week’s episode of Asking For a Friend is “Should I tell on my co-worker for skipping work?” Our take on this is probably a surprising one! It’s funny, we promise 🙂

If your business needs some of our lighthearted and fun Human Resources Support, we can help! We promise we’re professional with our clients, just a little playful is all! Contact us here

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