Stuff You’d NEVER Ask Your HR Lady: To beer or not to beer?

Have you ever really wanted to ask your HR person a crazy work question but thought if you did, you might get in trouble? Well fear not! I had a group anonymously ask me those crazy questions and I’ll answer them. No one gets fired. Everyone wins.

So here we go with the first installment of “Stuff You’d NEVER Ask Your HR Lady.”

First ?

“What time is it socially acceptable to have a beer at my desk?”

Dear Anonymous Afternoon Beer Drinker:

This is a great question given the holiday season is upon us!

I’m a little thrown by the “socially…at my desk” part. Let’s say your CEO and the team were drinking beer to celebrate and they just so happen to be around your desk then it would *totally* be socially acceptable to have a beer at your desk. In fact, I would encourage it to strengthen the bond you have with your coworkers and higher-ups and also to have a little fun.

With that being said…only ONE beer…mmmaaaayyybbeeeee two. Don’t go “ham sammich” and drink a six-pack then proceed to show the C-Suite your sick dance moves you learned back in the 80s when you popped-n-locked.

So we tackled the “socially” part but what if this “beer having” was just because and maybe solo?

Now this is a tough one.

I knew a warehouse guy that had a fridge at his desk specifically for his craft beer. I’ve known an accounting gal to help herself to a vodka-orange at her desk. I’ve watched a Director strolling around with an expensive scotch in his hand. I myself have drank wine at my desk at 9pm…alone (that was a rough day). All these instances had similarities in them though…the boss approved the libation consumption. This means the boss TRUSTED them to do so.

So outside of your boss’ permission and *hopefully* your own good judgment it’s not a good idea AT ALL to drink at your desk. If you’re hiding Jack Daniels in your desk drawer to slip into your coffee at 8 a.m. you’ve got bigger things to worry about then asking your boss for permission.

Now you’re probably thinking that your HR Lady would lose her sh!t if any of these things were to happen. Of course there are risks involved in saying “yes” to even one drink. It’s the risk of accidents, the employer’s liability, Workers Compensation claims, etc. but who cares?! The fun the team will have kicking back one and bonding far outweigh the worry of what probably will never happen.

So if you want to drink at work, make sure the boss is cool with it and it’s appropriate. Don’t get schwasted!


Legal Disclaimer: I’m not a lawyer although I did consider law school after repeatedly watching “Legally Blonde.” So this isn’t legal advice. ????

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