True Wealth Comes From Our Hearts – HR From the Heart

Maybe we think that we have to still:

☑️ Lead by example
☑️ Keep a stiff upper lip
☑️ Not show any weakness
☑️ Have to be “perfect”

That’s not the case anymore. We need to make sure that we are being as honest as we can be, to each other and with each other.

We need to be able to lay down our vulnerability and grow in our relationships with others. Vulnerability can be a dear friend and we can embrace it, with open arms, and not be afraid anymore.

I’ve been more open and honest about how I feel with my employees, with everything in my life.

I always feel better knowing that I’ve shared what I’m going through and how I’m feeling with my team.

We need to treat people like humans, as we are all human.

True wealth really does come from our hearts, not our wallets.

How honest are you with your employees and team members? Is vulnerability making its way into the workplace?



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