What if my employee is arrested? – Asking For A Friend

Okay, we have a curveball for you! One day you’re in the office and you notice Karen hasn’t shown up for work. You give her half an hour and nothing. An hour or two goes by and still nothing, not even an email or text from her. You come to find out that Karen’s been arrested!

What would you do? This week’s episode of Asking For A Friend is “What if my employee is arrested?” We got some answers from our friends on Instagram, we’re not saying these are all right, but they sure are funny! You can watch our episode below 🙂

By the way, we are seriously asking, What would you do? We are curious to hear your thoughts on this! Share your crazy comments below, if we laugh you get a virtual high five 🖐

If your business needs some of our lighthearted and fun Human Resources Support, we can help! We promise we’re professional with our clients, just a little playful is all! Contact us here

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